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Triplex Pumps

High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps
High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps

High Pressure Jacketed Triplex Pumps
High Pressure Jacketed Triplex Pumps

Pressure Cleaning
• Vehicles
• Tanks
• Floors
• Dairy Applications
• Food Processors
Hydro Testing
• Tanks and Vessels
• Pipes
• Valves & Fittings
• Hoses
• Systems Testing
• Felt / Wool Spraying
• Agricultural
• Fire bFighting
• Air Craft Washing
• Poultry / Dairy Farms
• Spray Drying
• Boiler Feed
• Gland Sealing
• Fuel Oil
• Reserve Osmosis
• Water treatment
• Boiler / Heat Exchange    Tubes
• Ships Hull Cleaning
• Tank Clening
• Pipe Lines
• Paint Removal
Note :

» BKW Consumption based at 80% over all Mechanical Efficiency.

» Capacity based at 90% Volumetic Efficiency

» Speeds 400 SPM And above only for Innermittent duty

» In view of continuous Research & development the information contained in this brochure is just to modification with out notice.

» Jacked Triplex Pumps giving guaranteed Against any defect in design, Manufacturing or faulty workmanship.

» For a period of Twelve months from the date bof Installation.


Design Features
»» Liquid End :

• All the Triplex series Pumps are designed for almost any medium .Selection of Specific Material for the Liquid end part depends on the physiacl & chemical Properties of the liquid to be handled.
• The liquid end part can be quipped with cooling. Heating or Flushing Systems depending upon theapplication.
• The Plunger Cylinder unit is an excellent arrangement in terms of safety and maintainance.
• High performance non return valve son suction and delivery side .
   highly Convenient for maintenance.
»» Power End :

• Power end parts are lubricated by splash type arrangement or forced lubrication.
• Crank shft is in high quality forged steel & supported by antifriction bi-mettalic bearings.
• Sturdy balanced Designed , Easy for maintenance .
• Drives - Direct, Geared, Belt pulley type .
»» Applications :

• Hydro testing at Tanks, Vessels, Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Hoses .
• Injections - Boiler Feed, Gland Sealing, Fuel OIl, Reverse Osmosis, Water & Waste treatment.
• Jetting Boilers tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes .
• Pressure Cleaning - Vehicales, tanks, Shop Floors, Pipes, Points, Air Crafts, Wagons.
• Spraying - Agricultural , Fire Fighting, Spray Drying.
»» Accessories
• Trolley, Hose, Gun, Pressure, Relief Valve.
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